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Recovery After a Normal Delivery – Postpartum Recovery Suggestions by Gynecology Expert – Healing Hospital Chandigarh

As you bid farewell to the pregnancy period and the labor pain, you are officially a mother now! The new phrase you are now entering is referred as postpartum which has its own set of concerns and issues. 

Even in case of normal or vaginal delivery, it takes time to come to your pre-pregnancy self. After you come home after delivery, you will need few weeks to recover fully. 

Here are the major areas of concern that affects your postpartum recovery –

1. Pain in abdominal area – It is one of the most common problem that women face during postpartum recovery. As uterus shrinks back into normal size and shape, the process can be painful especially in lower belly and this pain is also called “After-pain”. These pains can be both very sharp and dull, varying from woman to woman. You can expect this pain while breastfeeding your baby as breastfeeding stimulates a special chemical in body that causes uterus contraction. You can apply heat on the particular painful area to get relief from pain. In case, your pain increases with time then you should inform your gynaecologist about your condition and seek apt help in this regard. 

2. Constipation – After giving birth to a child, women face major problem of constipation due to several reasons. One of the biggest reasons is medications (anesthesia) as most medicines bring negative impact on digestive system. Many doctors prescribe pain killers that could reduce down bowel movements quite significantly. Even though, constipation can also occur due to fear among new mothers as no woman wants to damage the stitches or face pain in that area. If you also experience constipation then you should drink plenty of water and add fiber rich items in your diet. You can also contact your doctor for medication, if you haven’t had bowel movement from the four days of postpartum. 

Recovery Suggestions by Gynecology Expert

3. Baby blues – After giving birth to a child, mothers are very happy but when they go back to their home, they become sad. It is more common issue in new mothers. You should know this fact that around 80% mothers face this confusing situation and it mainly happens due to hormonal changes. You will do a favor to yourself, if you share your feelings with your partner, friends or family. Generally, this feeling vanish within week of postpartum but if exist more than that then you might be facing postpartum depression. If you have severe hopelessness then you should contact your doctor at the soonest. You can contact our very experienced and insightful doctors, gynaecologists for counseling by clicking at 

4. Hemorrhoids Hemorrhoids (painful swelling in the rectum vein) are common issue that can arise due to strain and pushing during delivery. It can cause acute pain and bleeding after bowel movement and also, unbearable itching is associated with hemorrhoids. You can discuss your situation with your doctor to get best treatment option for this condition. Read more about it by clicking here 

5. Perineum sorenessPerineum is the area between anus and vagina and this area will tear during childbirth. Your doctor can also opt for small incision in this area to make sufficient space for childbirth. If neither of these things happens then also, perineum will be sore during delivery and will be swollen during postpartum. Be prepared, as you may experience discomfort in that particular area for weeks to come. You can sit on the ice pack for 10 minutes several times a day to reduce pain and swelling. You can also use squirt bottle to apply warm water on perineum after using toilet. In case, soreness doesn’t reduce with the passage of time then you should contact your doctor to ensure that there is no other reason or infection behind this discomfort. 

6. Sore breast and nipples – It is common to have sore nipples and breast for first few days after childbirth but if it persist for longer than couple of days then it is surely a problem. It happens because baby is unable to latch the breast correctly. You should breastfeed your baby in different positions or contact lactation expert for getting expert help. You should promptly seek solutions, before your nipples develop painful cracks that could sideline breastfeeding altogether.      

7. Hormonal imbalance and shifts – Baby blues are not the only thing related with hormonal shifts but mood swings are also part of this spectrum. If you are sweating a lot during night then ensure that you don’t have fever as that can be a sign of infection. You can also witness hair loss especially if you are first time mom but you don’t have to worry at all as your hair will regain their thickness once your estrogen level is increased. You can read more about this at Https:// 

8. Weight loss – If you were thinking that you can reduce your weight quickly after delivery then you are completely wrong. There is great possibility that you won’t get rid of your extra weight for a considerable time. It will require several months for removing extra weight that you have put on during pregnancy. If you are breastfeeding your baby then you can reduce much faster but still it will take months to achieve your pre-pregnancy body. You need to make sure that you are having balance diet during weight reducing program to avoid other health problems and fatigue.  

9. Stitches – You need to give extra attention to your stitches during recovery as there is huge chance of infections in stitches. It will take 7 to 10 days to heal but you need to maintain good hygiene as that will help in avoiding lot of complications. You can use warm water for cleansing but make sure that your stitches are dry. In case, you are feeling pain or stitches seem weepy then you should contact your doctor as that is a sign of infection. 

10. Vaginal lochia – It is common to witness vaginal lochia (bleeding and discharge) in C-section and normal delivery as it is natural process of body to remove extra tissues and blood that was used for nourishing and growing baby inside womb. You can expect a high amount of lochia in first week or 10 days but then it will taper off. You can expect light bleeding and spotting for six weeks after delivery. Make sure that you are not using tampons as that can introduce bacteria and infections. 

11. Water retention – If you are eager that your swelling during pregnancy will go away immediately after delivery then you surely need to wait as it will stay a bit longer than you have expected. Your body will hold more water due to hormone called progesterone so you can see swelling in your body, hands, feet and legs. It won’t stay there for more than a week but if you witness that it is getting worse with time then consult your doctor for treatment. For seeking the advice of one of the best and experienced gynaecologists in the tri-city of Chandigarh, Mohali and Panchkula, contact us at 

Here are the suggestions that can help in your postpartum recovery process –

1. Ease pain and aches – If you have developed aches due to pushing or have pain in your body after delivery then you can opt for heating pad or massage for reducing pain. 

2. Boost your perineum heal – You can ice your perineum in couple of hours for reducing soreness after delivery but for best result, you can apply ice for the first 24 hours with regular intervals. You should spray warm water before and after peeing to avoid irritation due to urine. You can also opt for warm tub-bath for few times a day (20 minutes max each time) to reduce pain. You should not sit or stand for long periods as that can also disrupt perineum healing.    

3. Take care of your diet – It is common that bowel movement may take time after delivery but you should not force the process. You should eat lot of fruits, vegetables, whole grain and other fiber-rich food to help yourself. You can also opt for walk and gentle stool softeners to make bowel movement regular and easy. 

4. Focus on your breast – If you have achy breasts then it is must that you should use ice packs or warm compress to get relief from pain. You can also add gentle massage in your routine to boost your recovery process. Make sure you have purchased comfortable nursing bra as that will help you in breastfeed your baby without any discomfort. 

5. Kegel exercises are helpful – If you want to get your figure back in shape then you should take help of Kegel exercises as soon as you feel comfortable. This routine will boost natural recovery process and help your body to recover at much better speed.  

6. Follow your doctor appointments – If you are feeling any sort of problem after delivery then you should contact your doctor at the soonest as that will help you to heal your body according to your expectation. Your gynecologist will help you in healing your body as well as guide you towards fostering a healthy and positive bond with your new born baby. 

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It is of paramount importance that you share your concerns with your gynaecologist to avoid any complications as well as to speed up the recovery after delivery. You need to keep in mind that though you had normal delivery, yet you can face many challenges when it comes to postpartum recovery. At Healing Hospital, we have one of the most experienced and insightful gynaecologists to help you in every step towards fulfilling experience of motherhood. With us, you will get not only medical services but also expert guidance and counseling. So feel free to contact us with your after delivery concerns by clicking at

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