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Pregnancy Specialist Doctor in Chandigarh, Mohali & Panchkula – Healing Hospital Chandigarh


Pregnancy specialist doctors are generally referred to as ‘OB-GYN’ which means that they practice both obstetrics and gynecology. Gynecology focuses on women’s reproductive health while obstetrics is the area of medicine associated with pregnancy and childbirth.


An obstetrician is well known worldwide for providing medical and surgical care for women in childbirth as well as during pregnancy. They also handle the postnatal care that requires maintaining the health and well-being of the baby and the mother. 

Some obstetricians choose maternal-fetal medicine as their specialization that focuses on pregnant women with abnormal issues that can arise due to pregnancy or chronic health problems. These doctors are also called high-risk pregnancy specialists. You have to consult these specialists, in case you have any chronic health issue that could affect your pregnancy.



Many concerned women schedule meeting with them to know more about their options before conceiving to plan for safe pregnancy. If you want guidance and medical support in conception, during pregnancy or for baby delivery, then our renowned and experienced pregnancy specialist doctors are always available to help you at   

Why will you need Pregnancy specialist doctors?

They help expecting mothers for routine check up and you can meet them after eight weeks of your last menstrual period. Once it is confirmed that you are pregnant then you will see the doctor approximately once in every month during your entire pregnancy. Pregnancy specialist doctors are also there to help women with high-risk pregnancy during and after pregnancy. There are many factors that can lead to high-risk pregnancy –

  • If you have chronic health condition 
  • If your age is 35 years or more 
  • If you are carrying multiple babies 
  • If you have history of preterm labor, cesarean delivery or miscarriage 
  • If you are engaged in negative habits such as alcohol, smoking or too much caffeine intake   
  • If you have high blood pressure, AIDS, diabetes and any major health condition 
  • Complications developed during pregnancy that could affect your health and your baby 

You can read our post on high risk pregnancy and its management at 

What are medical conditions handled by Pregnancy specialist doctors?  

The Pregnancy expert doctors can be consulted for the following medical conditions as well: 

  • Fetal distress 
  • Ectopic pregnancy 
  • Preeclampsia caused by high-blood pressure 
  • Placenta detaches from uterus or placental abruption 
  • When baby’s shoulders get stuck during childbirth that is also called should dystocia 
  • Uterine rupture 
  • Obstetrical hemorrhage 
  • Sepsis which is also known as life-threatening infection 
  • When umbilical cord becomes trapped during delivery or prolapsed cord 

What are the different procedures performed by Pregnancy specialist doctors? 

The procedures and surgeries performed by the pregnancy specialist doctors are diverse and it ranges from handling routine appointments, executing labor to baby delivery and related complications. They are qualified to perform the following procedures:

  • Cesarean delivery 
  • Dilation and curettage 
  • Cervical cerclage
  • Vaginal delivery  
  • Forceps and vacuum delivery 
  • Cut at the opening of the vagina to aid in vaginal delivery or episiotomy 

If you are interested in knowing about how to increase the chances of normal vaginal delivery, click here 

In case, you have high-risk pregnancy then doctors may advice you some certain tests to more about your health issues and threats to your pregnancy. These tests are: 

  • An ultrasound to know the condition and development of fetus 
  • An amniocentesis to identify certain genetic abnormalities in fetus 
  • Umbilical blood sampling to evaluate blood disorders, congenital condition and certain infections or cordocentesis
  • Measurement of cervical length to assess your risk of preterm labor   
  • Lab testing for variety of health conditions 
  • Fetal fibronectin measurement that helps in determine risk of preterm labor  
  • Biophysical profile that helps in accessing baby’s well-being through ultrasound and heart rate monitoring  

Why and when you should consult Pregnancy specialist doctors? 

In case, you are thinking of getting pregnant or are pregnant then you should visit an experienced Pregnancy specialist doctor near you. They can help you in planning your pregnancy as well as giving parental care. You may also need to visit different doctors for your pregnancy related issues but Pregnancy specialist doctors will take care of everything. You then don’t have to bother about visiting many doctors once you can get the required medical attention under one roof. You can make your appointment with our specialists who are renowned to handle complex cases with utmost ease at 

Here are things that you should ask your doctor on your visit: 

  • Tests those are required during pregnancy 
  • Monitoring of baby during entire labor 
  • Your thoughts as well as your chances of natural-normal baby delivery 
  • Requirement of cesarean delivery or not 
  • Cesarean and normal delivery cost 
  • Procedure need to perform on newborn and when they perform them 
  • Postpartum follow-up 

Once you have selected Pregnancy specialist doctor that you like then you should opt for prenatal appointments at the earliest as that often brings best outcomes. You should also see your doctor for postnatal care that includes the following: 

  • Seek your birth control options (pills or intrauterine) 
  • Clarifications regarding any complication that can arise during pregnancy or childbirth 
  • Any issue that you are experiencing while adjusting to motherhood 
  • Any postpartum depression or concerns 
  • Medical issues that you encountered during pregnancy, such as high blood pressure or gestational diabetes  
  • Vaccinations 

At Healing Hospital, we are committed to offer one of the most trusted and top-notch maternity services. We have team of well-experienced gynecologists, pregnancy specialist doctors to take care of your pregnancy as well as baby delivery. We promote natural and normal child birth and help the expectant mothers to start their journey of motherhood with positive support and guidance. 

We are proud of our client-centric, world class medical services that include state-of-the-art infrastructure, specialized doctors, well-equipped delivery rooms and level III NICU in Chandigarh to take care of any complication. To know more about our single-priced affordable baby delivery package and to make appointment with our pregnancy expert doctors contact us at 

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