Best Hospital for Normal and Painless Delivery in Chandigarh

Labor pain is typically associated with discomfort, anxiety and lot of strain especially when it comes to normal delivery. But now there are medical techniques available to make sure that you can have painless as well as normal delivery!

What is Painless delivery or Epidural?

Epidural is a small injection (the size of thread) that is placed in lower back of patient that will be used to pass medications to help in reducing labor pain. It can also be used to give anesthetics that cause numbness in the pain receiving nerves so patient doesn’t have any pain sensations. Moreover, these drugs are safe for the baby as well.  

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Why Epidural?

There is no denying that Epidural is the best method to give relief to the mothers during their delivery. One of the best things about Epidural is that it is safe for both mother and baby. Here are some other reasons why Epidural is foremost option when it comes to painless delivery:

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  • Epidural will ensure that you are an active participant in delivery process. You don’t have to worry about pain or any discomfort as it will give you relief from all sort of physical pains so you can be relaxed and can focus on giving birth. Simply by reducing pain during childbirth, most women have positive birth experience

  • Similarly, if there is cesarean delivery then Epidural is used to provide anesthesia during operation.                                                            

  • If mother is facing exhaustion, fatigue etc, then Epidural works perfect in such situations. It will reduce pain and fatigue so that the birthing process can go on smoothly. 

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Is epidural safe for everyone? 

All women can opt for Epidural for reducing pain during delivery with following exceptions:

  • Women those have thin blood or abnormal blood tests can’t have Epidural. So if you have bleeding disorder then you should avoid Epidural.
  • Women taking medicines that can affect clotting of blood
  • In few cases, women those have gone through lower back surgery  
  • Women with neurological disorder 
  • If your anesthesiologist and obstetrician has not suggested you Epidural

Best Hospital for normal and painless delivery in Chandigarh

Who should opt for Epidural? 

In most of the cases Epidural is suggested to bring positive outcomes. There are some medical conditions that lead to compulsory use of epidural during delivery. These are: 

  • If mother has prolonged or complicated labor then it will definitely bring benefits by removing pain so they can have stress-free and painless delivery. 
  • If mother is opting for vaginal birth after cesarean section (VBAC)
  • If you have hypertension, preeclampsia, heart condition or other medical conditions then also you can opt for Epidural painless delivery. 

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How is Epidural or painless normal delivery done? 

The process of Epidural is very simple. There will be a drip running into your vein. You will be advised to sit bending forward and your back will be cleaned completely for avoiding any sort of bacterial or viral infection. After cleaning, a little injection of anesthetic will be given. Then a tube with the size of a string will be placed in your back near the nerves carrying pain signals from the uterus. You should make sure that you are sitting still while anesthesiologist is putting Epidural but once it is placed in your back then you can move freely with no pain. Once Epidural is placed in position then it will be used to give pain relieving drugs in continuation. Your doctor will make sure that Epidural is working properly so you have normal painless delivery. 

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What are the things monitored to ensure your safety? 

Your doctor and nurse will monitor changes in your blood pressure within few minutes to around 15 minutes and this interval will increase with the time, if everything is normal. Your baby’s heartbeat will be checked continuously to ensure safety of your baby. This will ensure that you can have normal delivery without facing any sort of pain. 

When you can opt for Epidural? 

The main reason why Epidural is placed in your body is to reduce pain and whenever your feel that pain is unbearable then you can request for it. You only have to be in established labor and don’t need to wait for particular dilatation of the cervix. If you are anxious about Epidural then it can be placed at a convenient time (before your labor pain is too much to bear) and you don’t have to face pain during delivery.   

You can read about how you can increase your chances of normal delivery here 

Is Epidural really effective? 

There is no denying that Epidural analgesia will reduce pain during delivery significantly and that is why it is known as the best painless labor and delivery option. If you don’t opt for Epidural then you will have to face significant pain and discomfort, mostly during the last part of labor due to pressure of baby’s head in perineal area. These symptoms can also be removed by giving medicines but that can lead to risk to muscle block which will lead to inability to push the baby.  

What are the chances of Epidural failure? 

In many cases, Epidural may not work as desired in initial stages but this problem can be solved be increasing the amount of drug dose. Your position can also be changed to catheter position for giving relief from pain. 

Side-effects and complications of Epidural

  • Drop in blood pressure is noticed after the giving Epidural. To reduce this risk, intravenous line is used to give fluids. 
  • Few women also notice itching which vanished after epidural is stopped. Medication can also be used to relieve this feeling.   
  • Epidural may extend the second stage of labor and urge to bear down. In this case, instrumental delivery may be required but that happens occasionally. 
  • 1% women many develop headache (which is also known as post dural puncture headache) after Epidural and it can treated, easily. 
  • One out of 2000 mothers may get a feeling of needles down, pins or tingling in one leg after having baby. This problem is not caused due to Epidural but it is related to childbirth itself. 
  • Very few women will also encounter numbness or heaviness in their legs while usage of Epidural but when it is stopped then this will disappear. 

All in all, there is very little chance of any permanent damage by opting for this process.       

Does Epidural cause temporary or permanent backaches?  

Backaches are very common among mothers during and after pregnancy as mothers has to look after their baby and that has very little to do with Epidural. It can extend after delivery due to many reasons but it is proven that you won’t face long-term backache by opting for Epidural. You may feel soreness at the site of injection for few days. 

Will Epidural increase the chances of cesarean section? 

There are many researches done on this topic and there is no evidence that Epidural will lead to cesarean section. Many women planning for normal delivery may end up having cesarean section without Epidural and the number stay same with the Epidural as well. You can read more about normal and cesarean delivery at 

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